Pleated mosquito nets

Another type of mosquito nets are pleated mosquito nets. These mosquito nets consist of folded strips of fabric that can be folded like an accordion to save space when not in use. Pleated mosquito nets are especially convenient for windows because they open and close easily while allowing air to flow into the room.

Pleated mosquito nets are available in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to fit any size window. They are easy to install and can be easily cleaned by hand.

The advantage of using pleated mosquito nets is that the window can be opened even when the mosquito net is closed. The net itself is very thin and barely visible, so it does not affect the aesthetics of the room.


Pleated mosquito nets are a practical and elegant option for protecting windows against mosquitoes and other insects. They are easy to install and clean, and can be adjusted to fit any size window. If you want reliable protection from mosquito bites without giving up fresh air, pleated mosquito nets are an excellent choice.